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Train with Head Instructor Master Sata Chand in this exclusive group. You'll be making a giant step towards mastery of the complete Wing Chun System.


Take your regular Wing Chun training to a whole new level of evolution by joining The Elite Training Group and become an expert practitioner of the traditional weapons of Wing Chun (The Butterfly Knives and 8ft Pole), Chi Sao, Wooden Dummy training, Form applications and expression, and advanced combat principles and applications.


The Elite training Programme is a separate training curriculum to the regular classes and Wing Chun Curriculum. It is taught in an exclusive 3-hour seminar style environment and is held once a month for those looking to learn the advanced aspects within Wing Chun. You'll be part of an exclusive group of individuals all training towards excellence.


During each 3 hour seminar you'll progress in these fascinating and dynamic aspects of Wing Chun.


  • Luk Dim Boon Kwan (The Wing Chun Pole)
  • Bart Chum Doa (The Butterfly Swords)
  • Chi Kung (best described as a Chinese Yoga)
  • Chi Sao (sticking hands or combat training)
  • Forms (structure and applications of techniques)
  • Mok Jong (The Wooden Dummy) 2 hour seminars


As in anything new you undertake, you'll need the right equipment. We've taken the headache out of this as we have the perfect kit lined up for you already. Weapons and training equipment are expensive, so you want to make sure you get it right from the off. All high quality and proven over and over again. You'll love getting these!


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Start 2024/25 Season
Nov 16
Dec 7
2025 dates to follow

Our selection processes

Only 12 places available annually

On receipt of your application HQ will obtain a reference from your Instructor. Based on this information we will form a new intake group from across the County that we feel will be a good a fit. This will not be based on current grade status as this group is open to all grades.

Course Fees

Tuition fees are £360 per annum

Participation may be renewed yearly by invitation only based on successful completion of an end of year assessment.